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School personnel continue to work remotely and are able to support you via phone from 8:00AM - 4:00PM daily.  ----- Congratulations to Zamboni's Teacher of the Year - M. Bowman! (6th grade Social Studies) ------ Congratulations to Zamboni's Classified Employee of the Year - Teresa Gonzalez! ----- Congratulations to PUSD's Certificated Support Provider of the Year - Mrs. Ramirez!

Band and Orchestra

The Zamboni Middle School Music Department strives for excellence, self-discipline, and teamwork. In order to produce an amazing sound, all students enrolled in music classes at Zamboni Middle School must work together toward a common goal: sharing their music talent with the school and surrounding community. Zamboni has produced many talented musicians in the arts department for the past six years in Paramount, and over the years, the Zamboni Music Department has grown and developed into one of the city’s leading middle school music programs.

Highly recognized and renowned, the Advanced Band has performed as a “small marching band” for the school’s sporting events such as, volleyball, basketball, football, soccer games, and pep rallies. They have helped sustain what is known as the “Zamboni Culture,” which is demonstrated in our spirit and dedication to excellence. Beginning Band students also benefit by having older students to mentor them and show them the ropes of music. They begin in August with little or no formal training, and by the end of the school year, they are producing great sound and making beautiful music. The common motto in Mr. Reza’s class is “Perfect Practice Makes Better!”

The Orchestra is comprised of violins, violas, cellos, and basses. We start at a beginning level, and proceed to perform high school grade music. The Orchestra travels to the surrounding elementary schools such as Los Cerritos, Howard Tanner, and Mark Keppel. Upon acceptance, the orchestra takes a field trip to see the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Disney Concert Hall in the spring, where they hear the sounds of great composers such as Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky. We then head over to the Colburn Music Conservatory for lunch and meet the some of the best music students in the world.

The music department at Zamboni also is partnered with the Jazz Angels, headed by Barry Cogert. Every Thursday the Jazz Angels, a non-profit organization that promotes Jazz in schools, leads rigorous lessons and rehearsals of Jazz standards like C-Jam Blues and Mr. P.C. Barry has a great energy that transcends through the students, making them confident to try to solo in jazz and be creative. Recently, the Zamboni Jazz Angels performed at the Paramount Rocks the Night Fiesta on the main stage and had a great time.

The Music Department is constantly growing and evolving. We pride ourselves in providing an experience of fun, friendship, and a great appreciation for the arts and the art of performance, while gaining an understanding of the hard work entailed to becoming a musician of excellence. Paired with great administration and a supportive Zamboni staff, the music department thrives at our school and we welcome visitors and supporters avidly.